Foreign channels destroying our indian culture

Foreign Channels are threat to Indian Culture (Debate-For)

Because every type aspects are available around us. These television channels, especially the foreign channels contains lots of absurd words, non socialistic thoughts and continuously showing what which is none of our business. Foreign channels of movies have totally diverted the minds of teenagers and they start arguing with their parents to give them more and more freedom.

Foreign channels of movies have totally diverted the minds of teenagers and they start arguing with their parents to give them more and more freedom.

It is also developed our general knowledge. Just watch Ramayana where Rama relinquish his beloved consort in a doubt that she might be touched by some uneven aspect, still we worship that character as a god in a hidden desire that someday if we could smite our girls the way he as we thought did.

A more organized regulatory body is required which can take care of obscene and vulgar programs. I often watch these channels and I improve myself in language - 2. But in contrary most of the Indian English News channels having the slave mindset adopted from colonial British and Macaulay way of education indulge in airing of biased news, twisting of facts, aligning with one particular community or religion or political party and ignoring attacks and conversions problems faced by other religion and community and also lobbying for foreign imported culture like gay life style and Freedom without any responsibility etc.

Foreign Television Channels are destroying our culture

When it is coming before to us if we will be there we will be die. We gets a lot of knowledge basically on English. Though it has bad effects but it is totally depends on us what to see and what not to see. Few of the programs which Indian television imported from foreign like big boss are only weird showcase of family values and they have no moral and social obligation.

Because remember, TV is not the only medium it is one of the mediums. So we should first check out ourselves before blaming others. Television is a form of media to create awareness among people and to entertain people. Demand for dowry is your culture. Sep 27, My opinion regarding these topic is that foreign TV channels are not destroying our culture it depends upon the viewers thought from these channels we can improve the communication skill, through these channels BBC, discovery, national geography we can get the information of other countries in few minutes we can understand there culture and various techniques they are using for agriculture.

May 16, Hey people, I want to make a point here that it is not the channel that matters, what matters most is the content. Feb 4, Hi friends, This is a burning issue in India to talk or speak about.

Foreign Television Channels are destroying our culture.

Finally foreign culture is destroying our Indian culture. Its like "fashion channels" vs "discovery". V,but its a proven fact that bad thing pleases us the most and remain in our mind for long. So, I must say that globalization in the field of mass media have destroyed our Indian culture and foreign channels should be strictly banned to a large extent.

But it does not mean we follow all scenarios and implement in our life. Why your Indian TV serials fend off from reality and choose to live in utopia. Fashion TV in the name of exhibiting new trends, vulgarity has been showing.

The teacher has excused him and given a chance to write an exam in one separate room and keeping with him an invigilator. As said by the Navneet Ghuman (whose name I guess is a fake one and they've phonetically made it up to sound like anonymous), they are just educating about their culture.

Now, whether or not that education is destroying our culture, is up to us to decide. British regime brought western education to our system. Jul 20,  · The question "whether foreign television channels are destroying our culture or not" at first seem like the one "egg came first or hen ".

As soon as we think about foreign channels, obnoxious stuffs and obscene scenes creeps into our mind,but at the same time we cant stop ourselves from praising their technological excellence and. Foreign Tv Channels Are Destroying Our Culture A LESSON PLAN ON IMPACT OF SATELLITE TV ON OUR CULTURE PRESENTED BY CAPT ASIF ROSTER NO – 40 OBC (AMC) Indian movies and Indian dramas are great source for the promotion of Indian culture.

Indian movies are doing the same thing with Pakistani nation. No buddy can destroy our culture without our support. Indian culture is way stronger than any TS show so no need to warry about it. With foreign TV show, we can keep our. Jul 17,  · These foreign channels erode our Indian culture and instead of integrating and promoting our own culture, we are just welcoming the worst world of smoking and alcohol drinking.

Foreign channels of movies have totally diverted the minds of teenagers and they start arguing with their parents to give them more and more freedom. Nov 11,  · Are Foreign television channels destroying our culture: Points to be known: International channels available in India are TV5MONDE Asie, Deutsche Welle, CCTV 9, Australia Network, KBS World, NHK World, TBN, BBC World, CNN, Russia Today, Channel News Asia, F TV, INDIA Live24 24hr, HOME SHOP 24X7, TELE .

Foreign channels destroying our indian culture
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Foreign television channels are destroying our culture