Philippines annexation

Dayexplaining the details of his meeting with Aguinaldo: Senate ratified the treaty on February 6,by a margin of only one vote.

Pratt had intended to facilitate the occupation and administration of the Philippines, and also to prevent a possible conflict of action.

The United States Army began to assemble the Eighth Army Corps —a military unit which would consist of 10, soldiers under the command of Major General Wesley Merritt —in preparation for deployment to the Philippines.

Many civilians died during the conflict as a result of the fighting, cholera and malaria epidemics, and food shortages caused by several agricultural catastrophes.

Imperfect and flawed it gave each nation something they wanted. General Anderson wrote to Aguinaldo, requesting his cooperation in military operations against the Spanish forces.

What arguments were made to not annex the Philippines?

Would you like to make it the primary and merge this question into it. The cessation must be the whole archipeligo or none. Perhaps the country would have become a dictatorship, as many other new independent states have, or perhaps it would have broken up into several rival states.

Debate When everyone has presented their view, continue discussing and debating the question of U. On the other hand, the Philippines was undergoing major settlement crises. The negotiating parties made a secret agreement to stage a mock battle in which the Spanish forces would be defeated by the American forces, but the Filipino forces would not be allowed to enter the city.

The position of military governor was abolished in Julyafter which the civil Governor-General became the sole executive authority in the Philippines.

That means that they were not a big community. Shrewd propagandists, like Teddy Roosevelt and Henry Cabot Lodge, and others who wanted the US to become an imperialistic power, claimed that it was the duty of the "White race" to govern "inferior" peoples and bring them the joys of civilization.

This annexationwas part of the treaty which ended the Spanish-American War. Furthermore, the Philippines only had a population of 7 million. Report to the class Share your thoughts with the class, as to what kind of consensus you reached, and what the process was like.

To obtain the unconditional personal assistance of General Aguinaldo in the expedition to Manila was proper, if in so doing he was not induced to form hopes which it might not be practicable to gratify.

Additionally, the Philippines would also supply a spot for a coaling station. What arguments were for the annexation of the Philippines.

History of the Philippines (1898–1946)

Not only that, but the US also made sure Filipinos got the education they deserved, got more employment opportunities, and also dramatically expanded their trade business.

Meanwhile, American opposition to U. The McKinley Administration also used the war as a pretext to annex the independent state of Hawaii. The war officially ended four months later, when the U. PuertoRico also came under US Control at this time. They could not raise enough forces of their own to keep their borders secure and they recognized the economic advantage as well as the military advantage of being part of the US What arguments were made to annex the Philippines.

The Spanish government rejected the U. President William McKinley is shown holding the Philippines, depicted as a native child, as the world looks on. What is the name of your character i. In a session between September 15 and November 13,the Malolos Constitution was adopted.

Many felt the cost would be too high. Without a clear move like that, these new lands were easy pickings for other nations to make a claim on.

President Theodore Roosevelt proclaimed a general amnesty and declared the conflict over on July 4,although minor uprisings and insurrections against American rule periodically occurred in the years that followed.

In accordance with the plan, the Spanish forces withdrew while U. The first local election was conducted by General Harold W. Inhowever, President McKinley and the American public were more favorably disposed toward acquiring the islands.

The United States, in entering upon the occupation of the islands, as the result of its military operations in that quarter, will do so in the exercise of the rights which the state of war confers, and will expect from the inhabitants, without regard to their former attitude toward the Spanish Government, that obedience which will be lawfully due from them.

Keep full of coal. More essays like this: Some Imperialists argued that it was our duty to share our blessings and better way of life with those lesser than us.

Some Americans actually believed it would be best for the nation, it would unite the country following the war which divided some, if the Philippines were annexed to the US.

No one can know with certainty what would have happened if the US had not annexed the Philippines. For more information, please see the full notice. Annexation of the Philippines Why Did the U.S. Want to Take Over The Philippines? Expanding to nations outside of North America was key.

America. To conclude, the annexation of the Philippines was indeed a good idea due to the reasons behind it, the new business markets, possible spots for bases and stations, and the power the U.S.

could have gained from it. THE AMERICAN DEBATE ON PHILIPPINE ANNEXATION AT THE TURN OF THE CENTURY, R>\WLEIN G. SoBERANo The Philippine independence controversy constitutes one of the. The Philippines is just one example of U.S. annexation. Inthe U.S. defeated Spain in the Spanish-American war and acquired Spain’s colonies, which included the Philippines.

The U.S. decided to annex the Philippines and sent 70, troops to put down a Philippine revolt. Annexation Of Philippines Essay Sample The decision of annexation of Philippines by the US government was not made without considerable domestic controversy.

The decision makers attested significant advantages before actually taking over the Philippines. Essay about Annexation Of The Phillippines Words 2 Pages In my opinion The United States ordeal with Annexing the Philippines and the idea that we had of going into war with them was great mistake and should have been avoided.

Philippines annexation
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